Best showa suspension revalve. | Quote. Best selection, lowest prices, plus orders over $89 Kyb Yamaha Suspension. This kit replaced the stock internals with complete AMA-grade internals that reduce stiction and unsprung weight while providing the compression adjustment we required. *All services and/or revalves are subject to additional charges for fluids, parts, and MISC materials*. 00 PER SHOCK. MiniWorx. These are made of Hi-Impact plastic and protect your forks from rock abuse. From that we see what you are starting with (spring rates, settings, adjuster position, rider heights, tires, etc. If you are interested in upgrading your set of Works Suspension, or would like more information regarding the Dual Spring Works Forks, please call us at (951) 738-8050. The setup of a conventional damping system has always been a compromise between sufficient comfort and bottoming reserves, whereas the Cone Valve technology now permits a combination of both factors, resulting in outstanding damping … Aftermarket Solutions for Snowmobiles, ATVs and UTVs. I can revalve myself if required, but so far-no need. The 25mm Showa cartridges are the drop in variety sold by EBR. Toggle menu. It may be inclusive of the above, or in addition to – include different spring rates, various Forks - $190. All our work is guarnateed. / •. £99. 4. With over 35 Canadian National motocross and road racing championships, SSS has established itself as Canada's premier motocross suspension company. Shocktech Suspension Stage 1. amr126. From the Baja 1000 to the MotoGP paddock, 100% of Öhlins products for the aftermarket … website builder. (A bumper is not included on some models where the bumper rarely ever need … When it comes to CRF suspension, MX1 has you covered. Tel: +81 34 579 5625. Once the shock absorber arrives back with you, it's ready to be fitted back on the bike with no other work required. Rebuild, Revalve, Travel Modification, Spring Kits, Performance Products FCR Suspension FCR - Rear Shock Revalve and Set Up Total disassembly of your rear shock for an extensive solvent tank cleaning and inspection of all internal components. you may know this from prior expieriance or are about to find it true if this is your first revalve. XACT PRO 7548 The WP XACT PRO 7548 fork permits almost limitless damping performance due to a unique valving system. AOMC. Yamaha Suspension at Dennis Kirk. Here at 707 Racing Suspension, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get your KYB, WP, Showa, Sachs, or Reiger Shock working to its greatest potential. 13-DRZ400-STG1. Race Tech on Facebook. Ride JBI Suspension Fork Revalve Stage 2: KYB twin chamber forks from a 2009 Honda CRF450 are getting upgraded with the JBI Pro Perch (shown in blue, stock silver unit shown above for comparison) to improve the bottoming control and bottoming feel (the sensation a rider feels when the forks bottom out). Shock Springs: $120 ea. This new shock is similar in design to a Showa or KYB found on Japanese dirt bikes. Setup Form. Related: Edit Tags Done. The Works, according to those who have them, is a major improvement. Race Tech's Dual Chamber Pressure Springs to fit both Showa and KYB forks. 17 ,861 Add to cart Quick view Jun 14, 2019 · The most expensive forks and rear shocks have a high-speed compression damping adjustment (HSC), controlling the damping when the suspension compresses at high shaft Full service suspension shop for snowmobile, atv, and motorcycle suspension components. The best just got better! For pricing and additional information, give us a call at: 607-533-7434 Hygear is known for delivering the most advanced OEM shock setups in the industry. RACE TECH for DIRT BIKES . It’s also very important to talk to the rider and meet his requests. From simple servicing of shocks and forks to high performance modifications for racing, our years of experience are unmatched. When you join SHOWA, you join a team committed to protecting American workers and national security. $250. 2019+ CRF450x has less travel than the R and RX model. 00 Pair Our revalving includes a complete rebuild plus precision machined piston and internal valving which is customized to each rider’s height, weight, type of riding, terrain and skill level. Many of our custom internal components are included in your revalve that significantly improve rider comfort and control such as high flow mid valve kits, revised rate high speed compression adjuster springs and low tension check plate A rebuild service that is done correctly, and often enough, will keep your suspension performance at it´s best, and your suspension more consistent, eliminating unnecessary wear on the components. Kit Showa Hrc Rear Shock for Honda 1000rr 08-16. Yet knowing how your suspension works and what effect the various adjustments have will help you get the best out of your riding. Whether you require a basic suspension set-up for the road or a full race kit for the track, FTR can help you. 00 depending on the model of shock – Hyperpro, Wilbers, YSS, OEM brands such as Kayaba (KYB), Showa, WP, Marzocchi, ESA Shocks, and whether they are Mono or Twin shocks. . Why Revalve? When suspension comes on a motorcycle the manufacturer does not know the specific needs, or skill set of the end user. Motorcycle Suspension Service. 7 inches of travel. 3, not a 5. There are a lot of players across the country in the suspension business, but we hope you try LDR and let Revalving shims for Showa, KYB, WP, Fox, Marzocchi, RydeFx, Walker Evans, and most shocks and forks. With 30 years of racing experience Matt had factory rides with three companies and worked closely with some of the best tuners in the business. Sachs Suspension Service. We take the time to listen, understand your needs and provide you with the right solution to give you the best options at a cost to suit your personal Best piece of advice I can give you is: Don't mess with the motor and revalve the suspension SOFT, especially the compression damping. We specialize in re-valving your bike’s suspension to fit your height, weight, skill level, and type of riding. The difference between stock and a moto revalve is noticable. Racing Bros Coil Or Air Shock - KLX110. All dyno tested. The Japanese aren't known for building stuff that falls apart. •. Whether it's the 02-08 Showa components, or the newer 09-12 KYB components on the 450, 2010-13 CRF 250 Showa stuff or even the latest Air Forks on the all new 2013 CRF450, you … Revalve. Fork Service. Re-valving (Forks: KYB, SHOWA, WP) (Shocks: KYB, SHOWA) Labor $250. 2018 Kawasaki KX450F Race Tech Suspension. Traxx Shock. More How To. We take your feedback and what you expect out of suspension and put it into a service package to meet that demand. Buying a genuine Honda RUBBER, SHOCK ABSORBER MOUNTING (SHOWA), which you can also find by searching for the part number #51631-SV7-004, is the best way to ensure a perfect fit in your next repair. You do not need to revalve the shock to make this spring work! ICS Springs. From $349. Cogent Dynamics is proud to provide top-tier custom motorcycle suspension service, repair, overhaul and rebuild help for your bike. A. What is a Revalve. Complete rebuild service. Our dedicated suspension department has the absolute goal of giving your bike the best handling performance for your unique needs. Call us today for any questions or to order your suspension kit today! *47mm-48MM Production based front forks with DLC Coated Lower Tubes with Tighter Fork Tolerances. (replacement of wear parts if required) Shock shaft is micro polished for optimum Showa, KYB, Marzocchi, and WP rear shocks can be completely rebuilt using all new parts. KT2194, HO2194, KA2194, SU2194 . Continued investment in new technologies and research also ensure both racers and ambitious leisure riders maintain an edge over the competition. The shock absorber rebuild and repair service we offer is simple - you send us your loose shock, we refurbish it to the very highest standard and then return it back to you with DPD, using a next-day service. 866-599-5205 Advanced Machining Services, engine rebuilds, crank replacement, transmission repair. Currently my mille is set up really well, and handles very well. 00 USD KTM 4CS orange $39. I love the stock Showas on my 749, and when the OEM Sachs wore out enough, I picked up a low mile OE Showa for $10 to replace it. Rebuild, Revalve, Travel Modification, Spring Kits, Performance Products Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Honda CRF250 CRF450 KYB kit forks Showa shock suspension at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Riders have long wished for "external revalve" system, and this is it – the first and only motorcycle fork with that capability. The Basic Africa Twin Suspension details include the following: The Africa Twin ready to ride weight (3/4 tank) is approximately 540 lbs. 0:00. Showa's dual spring works forks complete with 27mm cartridge system and the largest ever compression pistons (39mm) are … "The best you've ridden is the best you know!" - Paul Thede Find a Nearby Race Tech Center . Chaseworks Motocross Suspension Specialists are based in Taupo, NZ and we serve customers all over New Zealand. 2. Pricing. Updated: July 1, 2019. Why Revalve. Near the end of his racing career Matt started tuning his own and a few friends bikes. Dr Shox - Off Road Tryout - … 4kg 110mm 180+10 Well balanced; revalve & respring to your weight 2014 Yamaha Suspension Specs 2014 Yamaha Suspension Tips Model Tips. Throw that spring away; it’s junk, and in testing we also found it was a 5. 279. Once submitted, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss details and options for your custom suspension setup. Suspension service. 00 USD KTM AER air orange $45. Suspension Parts. We work with every leading manufacturer’s suspension, including KYB, Showa, WP and Öhlins. Please check out Billy bike trucks new adventure bike radio show!!! This is episode 1 featuring Dr Shox Enduro Bootcamp. Wear parts not included in service price (wear parts vary from job to job and will not be assessed until disassembly and inspection) most common wear parts consist of seals, bushings and occasionally o-rings and springs. Implementing the TTX twin-tube design Öhlins has transferred motocross technology and experience from more than 300 championship titles to the mountain bike world. A new, never before seen, adjustable highspeed for KTM, Husqvarna, and new gasgas motorcycle forks. Try GT Thunder, MotoXperts, RocketRonRacing, C+D Racing, DeRisi Racing, … WP develops high-performance motorcycle suspension and components. Spring rates and valving will typically be adjusted to get the best performance package, and not end up with a horribly handling (but lower WALKER EVANS - KAYABA - SHOWA. 331. Re-oil and re-gas. Motion Pro - High quality cables, tools and controls for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. For our Suspension Revalve, pricing begins at $395 for forks and $280 for a shock, not including wear items, springs, or other modification parts. So I'm Looking at a 2012 YZ450F right now. SPRING REMOVAL $2. We have been tuning and engineering industry leading The following guide. 00 USD KTM AER air blue $45. As the riding season rapidly approaches, most riders are looking to get their … MXT CR250 Project Bike. Basic Setup: Check the following. KYB Suspension by Technical Touch - With our premium Factory Kit Suspension, you can upgrade your bike to the next level. $1,495. I purchased a complete touratech suspension kit from a fellow inmate and had toirwtwch isa rebuildmot for my weight. Complete Revalve service. And a full Shock service, revalve and a new shock spring for the stock Showa unit too. ) and a plan is made to re-valve and possibly re-spring your suspension to offer the best feeling Suspension Revalve Whether you bought your dirt bike new or used, chances are the suspension isn't quite set up for your unique needs. Check out the March issue of … K-Tech IDS 20 or 25 High Performance Front Fork Cartridge Upgrade. 00ea. At $380 for the full Sixpack577 said: Suspension is set by weight. Box it up and ship it. For 95% of all riders the stock components, properly setup with correct springs are just fine. Shock Rebuild & Oil Change We completely disassemble your shock and valve stack, clean all components, refill your shock with new suspension fluid, and recharge the nitrogen bladder to WP SUSPENSION PRO COMPONENTS: OFFROAD INNOVATIONS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION! For the serious racer, our Pro Series revalve includes all services in our enhanced suspension revalve, as well as optional Factory performance parts from KYB, Showa, WP and Factory Connection, to improve initial plushness, bottoming resistance and sensitivity. CALL 519-572-2922 FOR FURTHER DETAILS. Welcome! Welcome to Mx Trend Suspension Service, the new trend in motocross, off road, desert racing and more in suspension service. FORKS . Prime Video settings. REVALVE CHARGE $20. The Forks. 2021 New Ohlins TTX Dual Flow Shock. SPSC collars nest inside each other to custom fit springs. Genuine Showa suspension, only from us in Finland! Give us a call or send us an email and ask about availability and pricing. Servicing your suspension within the 30 hour service limit will keep your suspension working at a consistent optimum level and keep them from creating excessive wear on the vital components such as shock bodies, shock shafts, dampening rods and cartridges. lf not correct, sprocket wear is increased. Max Brakes Front Carbon Ceramic Performance Disc Brake Pads KT062251 Fits Mercury Mountaineer 2006-2010 Ford Explorer,. The Penske is reported to be that good. Showa A- Kit Suspension. 00 USD KTM all except above blue $39. Suspension is the key to riding in control, with confidence, and getting home safely. Now semi-retired from racing Checkpoint Off-road offers services PRS Fork Revalve kit fits most 20mm Cartridge Forks Penske 8983 Remote Double Adj. Just trying to get some opinions on which avenue to take (Traxxion revalve or Buell Showa Kit. Jim Lendeman used to re-valve and re-stack Showa and KYB stuff. While shortening your suspension, additional parts may include seals, bushings, oil, or springs. All KYB/Showa oil Seals, Bushings: $12. The Showa system does what it is supposed to. 43mm Öhlins Nix EC hydraulic inverted front forks with About Suspension Evo Ktm . suspension is one of the best modifications you can do to your bike. Your suspension is no less important than oil, tires, brakes, chains, or sprockets for reliable, consistent performance. Pro Motion Suspension is the northwest leader in off road motorcycle suspension, with over 20 years of experience. Whether it’s motocross, desert, trail riding, or supercross, we have the testing and experience to make your suspension the best it can be. 00 STD SHOCK SPRING REMOVAL $5. We also offer a suspension removal and remounting service, if you'd like to bring in your bike. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING SHOCKS/ SHIPMENTS AT THIS TIME. The difference between stock and an woods revalve is VERY noticable. At Advanced Machining Services, We believe in the idea that the best suspension requires custom setup, and proper service intervals. xnationalwrench. Suspension Direct in a vendor and manufacturer of suspension parts for Motocross and UTV Applications, selling brands such as WP, Showa, KYB, Walker Evans, and Fox Shims Suspension Direct JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. info@elkasuspension. Keeping your suspension fresh is as important is properly setting it up! For racing usage, 20 hours is the upper limit we reccomend before replacing fluids and wear parts. or Best Offer. These packages can out perform aftermarket shocks for a fraction of the price. Offering a predictable plush ride and precise handling, with none of the harshness experienced with stock suspension or an incorrect setup. We will ship a suspension box to your doorstep, complete with a return label to the Factory Connection facility that has been ENZO RACING suspension services include rebuild/overhauls, repairs, re-valving, system upgrades, re-springing and conversions. Front suspension sucks on the F800GS and I weigh in at ari d 260 with riding gear. We undertake full shock rebuilds, refurbishment, re-valve and re-gasing services. jcross312. I looked at MX-Tech and they asking $260 for a full revalve without parts, so that might be worth looking into. Information from the customer is gathered and applied to a database derived from countless hours of testing with riders of all abilities, whether if it is Our system is the best solution for the KTM, having outperformed all other solutions including the Ohlins TTX series shock. Plus a couple of other shocks done this week. KYB Suspension Service. m. Back when the AMA did not allow aftermarket Suspension in the super sport and super stock class many tuners could open up and rebuild the stock shocks and they made them Melbourne Suspension Revalve. We learned a bunch and now we are back loving the Honda suspension since they did away with the Air forks and actually built a decent chassis again. SHOWA forks have long been an excellent choice for motorcycle suspension, and recently SHOWA introduced the SHOWA SFF (Separate Function Fork) which makes more exact tuning of the front suspension on the 2011, 2012 & 2013 Kawasaki KX250F (and for 2013, the Suzuki RMZ250 & RMZ450's) a whole lot easier than previous models as the SHOWA SFF fork allows … The NEW Hybrid fork kit for the WP 48AER and Showa 49mm TAC forks: Convert your WP AER48 or Showa TAC forks to a single sided spring kit with air assist. P3 Carbon Chain Guide - CRF50 Style. Doetsch offers a wide range of Replacement Coil Springs for all late model UTV Coil Over Shocks as well as Motorcycle Forks and Shocks. The spring picks up all the small bumps and the air kicks in Testing at Too Tech finds the Showa PS1 (CRF450 & KX450 2013-2014) stock suspension unwilling to follow the terrain in high frequency bumps (stutter bumps). LEARN MORE. Race Tech has invested countless hours into engineering, testing, and development in order to create the ultimate motocross suspension packages available. The kits include the control valves themselves, the shim stack and needles - all you need to vastly improve a pair of OEM forks. 8kg/mm and 2. Kayaba Suspension service. Rebuild, Revalve, Travel Modification, Spring Kits, Performance Products It will not fit except the fork but you have to use the 18 clamps with 19 steering and 18 front wheel with axle The 19 kx 450 Showa suspensions are the best on market I don’t know why you want to swap them 🤔 Moto Lab strives to be the best KTM suspension revalve company out there. According to MXA and Dirt Rider it has the "best suspension a pro could hop on and race it". That will … RACETECH GOLD VALVE UPGRADE FOR YOUR FORKS OR SHOCK. FORKS Oil Change Rebuild Revalve 20mm Cartridge SHOCK Oil Change Rebuild Revalve Linkage PARTS Seals (if needed) Bushings (if needed) Springs (if needed) Other CALL ME: When Package Arrives With an Estimate With Total Amount When Package Ships Company Name Date KTM all except below orange $39. Compute the stiffness of complex shim stack structures. How To. When you soften it up to get comfort, it bottoms and rides too low in the stroke. Yamaha off-road competition bikes are designed to turn enthusiasts into the best riders possible – to help them become one with their machine and win races Created with Sketch. Last year's 125 was one of the best, its going to be a tough one to beat. Discriminating KTM owners look no further than Moto Pro Suspension. Posted January 4, 2015. Oil seals, bushes and O-rings are replaced. We incorporated this feature into our modifications for the XPLOR fork for three reasons: 1. Rear shock revalve / XR’s Only valving: 140. Share More sharing options Followers 0. We are not the run of the mill "one and done" shop. Suspension Revalve. ) Jdugger: Posted on Monday, February 22, 2010 - 02:58 pm: Go Buell/Showa race kit, sprung to your weight. Create your website today. Stock suspension is rarely set-up for your unique height, weight, skill level and type of riding. Acura RSX Type S Mugen Showa Sport Suspension JBT 4-pot brakes 1360кг с The first one is an unridden on KYB yamaha shock, second is … JRZ Porsche Cayman suspension package. In the past, I've found the good folks at WhiteBrothers very helpful in establishing the correct front to rear balance via spring rates. PLEASE NO WALK INS…. KYB Factory. Revalve services: Suspension can be internally modified to suit each rider's personal preferences. Setup and tune your suspension far beyond the limits previously possible. THE CORRECT WAY of just a Simple Service with high end fluids, correct Nitrogen, and Perfect Build procedures can FEEL BETTER THAN SOMEONE’S REVALVE IF DONE LIKE BELOW!. Learn More >> Includes: Rebuild and Revalve f Ducati 848 Evo Showa K-Tech SSRK Fork Piston Kit (10-13) The Ducati 848 Evo Showa K-Tech SSRK Fork Piston Kit (10-13) provide a fantastic value for money fork internal upgrade for track day riders. The DR650 has been the same for many years, 1) You can simply rebuild the 43mm conventional forks with heavier springs, fresh fluid, seals and bushings to be a simple as it gets, rebuild the shock with fresh fluid, nitrogen, bumper or bladder, even a mild revalve for about $595. I only weigh 145 lbs. For the many riders out there not wanting to deal with checking air pressures, the Race Tech SCS is a set it and forget it solution. We only use OEM components and our high-quality oil that has been specifically blended to out standards that will provide the best possible ride with a low fade when hot. I know the bikes are valved to work for the general public, but if the pro testers dig it does that mean I can leave the valving Regular maintenance of your shock will help to ensure your bike performs at its best, keeping you in control. For super cross, hard pack smooth tracks, this flaw is not evident as all of the obstacles are low/mid speed and the less suspension movement the better. this auction is for the labor to rebuild a rear shock for any showa serviceable rear shock. £300. Suzuki RMZ450 2015-2017. Faster or heavier riders needed a bump up in spring rate and a revalve to keep the Showa damper from crashing to the stops on mega leaps. your o. YouTube. RG3 is who I had revalve my suspension last time and I think they do good work as well. Produced from the best materials and available in different length and stroke combinations, the Öhlins MTB suspension fits a majority of bikes in the market and raises them to a WHAT IS DONE IN A REVALVE? The first thing that gets done is communication as to what the rider needs, feels, or wants from the bike. MP1 Suspension offers many different services to suit your needs. At the workshop we do the most important work: CUSTOM & REBUILD SHOCK SERVICES. You're going to have trouble finding a place that does it for that price. N2dirt it's probably the best moto shop I've been too, brain"the owner" is very professional Since 1999, PR2 equipped racers such as Hepler, Izzi, Trettel, Sipes, Lawrence, Rife and many others have won countless Regional, State, and Local championships across the country. 5 mo ago. -Check chain alignment. 95. 99 . SP Performance is the evolution of Stillwell Suspension and one of the countries leading suspension tuners. Picture taking a curve at a high speed and you hit a rough patch… you don’t want air between the road and tire even if it is for only a fraction of a second. Ref: K-TIDS20. The best off road shock tuners in the world are probably locked up in the Showa factory in Japan. As a bare minimum look at buying the progressive front forks from touratech. The Gobbler replaces the stock base valve on xplor & open chamber WP forks, and with an install time of just minutes, aND an improvement to suspension performance BETTER THAN a standard re-valve, the Gobbler is aN AT HOME DIY re-design. The Race Tech Spring Conversion System (SCS) is available for the Showa TAC, KYB PSF2, and WP AER Forks to convert your air spring to a coil spring. hygear suspension 59 followers hygear-suspension ( 813 hygear-suspension's feedback score is 813 ) 100. As expected, we do it right. ATV/ (3 Wheel-ATC) Shock/Fork Rebuild Options: Showa Rear Shock (1). e. 00 Shock HDR re-valving allows you to get the maximum control and comfort from your suspension by tuning all components of the system to … FTR Suspension is the premier Motorcycle Suspension centre in the UK. Moto Pro Suspension. Nitron gas rear shock with ride height, compression and rebound dampening. Members; 2. 3. Toll-free in Canada & USA: 1-800-557-0552. The difference between stock moto suspension, and a real good off-road revalve is quite staggering. Current available sizes shown below. Includes new dust seal, oil seal, seal head o-ring, fresh Lucas synthetic shock oil, nitrogen re-charge: and in several cases the bumper as well. I have also heard that what the Works is to the Showa, the Penske is to the Works. Super evo factory A showa shock, triumph showa shock plus a 2004 ktm 450 shock. 1280px-SHOWA_Corporation_company_logo. If the stock suspension is less than ideal in it's intended environment, it will be horrible when used elsewhere. A well balanced, well setup dirtbike will Suspension & Handling, Products & Service Suspension Set-Up Service Sort by: Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low A-Z Z-A Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest Best Selling THE PURPOSE. With every suspension revalve the forks and shock are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Dirt Bike Laws And Requirements. *If forks and/or shocks have to be removed or added to a bike an additional $50 charge will be applied*. We offer full re-valving options for Road & Track, Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto with an individual set-up to suit every rider. Suspension wise , Fork springs are almost a must as the fork is nice but to soft as you push it harder , holding the front up will actually make it plusher in the bumps and more stable under brakes. A work of non-friction. February 26 ·. P3 Carbon. Suspension Type * WP Ohlins KYB Showa Other. 95 Doetsch Suspension Services offers complete Rebuild and Revalve Services. Acura RSX Type S Mugen Showa Sport Suspension JBT 4-pot brakes 1360кг с The first one is an unridden on KYB yamaha shock, second is used KYB yamaha and 3rd is 15 month old WP. Comfort should be second to stability. Suspension Sponsor. It would get better but it was still shy of any aftermarket stuff including the lower cost units from Fox etc. Fits The Following Bikes: Kawasaki KX450F 2015-2018. Gen 1: 2004-05 4-6 cm extended stock swingarm, shock hits swingarm. The most common height reductions are (1") (1-1/2") ( 2"). We’ve been hearing for decades about the value of factory-level suspension, but in the case of factory motocross suspension, the works Showa and KYB units that have graced the stars’ machines are virtually unattainable. Best Motocross Bike 3rd Place—2022 Yamaha YZ450F. Front Fork Products and Upgrades Essential Solutions For Better Bump Absorption and Handling Please Note - Due to the number of courses currently … I haven't ridden a bike with Showa suspension, but the engineering & build quality on the Kayaba makes me think it would have to be similar for a compatriot company. Install front wheel. best revalve company. Suspension Service Form (Click Here) Maintenance is important to keep your bike in the best condition possible. After taking the Showa BFRC shock apart and reviewing the design first hand the … MXT 2017 New Products. MPE Pro Series Revalve. In 2020, 6-time Canadian Motocross Legend/DBK CRF 110 Spring. Whether it's the 02-08 Showa components, or the newer 09-12 KYB components on the 450, 2010-13 CRF 250 Showa stuff or even the latest Air Forks on the all new 2013 CRF450, you … Showa Shock Absorber Rebuild & Repair Service. Shock Tec services suspension shocks across Canada. Showa Shock Rebuild Kit - Suspension Parts SUSPENSION SERVICES – Please fill out to the best of your ability, thank you. From $199. Once the revalve kit was road-tested and finalized, we moved on to a set of GP Suspension 25 mm fork cartridges to obtain adjustable compression damping. with your items needing the modification. These pistons are similar to what is used in many sportbikes, e. Industry-leading KYB Suspension. The 450X’s suspension is similar to the 250X. 00. Policy and Disclaimer. I'm not sure I'd gain much from tweaks. O Inquires : **contact number** - Price: $4900; Tel: **contact number. $89. Info such as which valve kit they used, what differences they have noticed. 5 like the factory documentation tells us you can use either a HiCalibre 20-115 Series Shock Spring or a Teknik 64_66-258 Series … To download the Pro Circuit flyer for the Dual Spring Forks click here (PDF). THIS WILL GIVE YOU A WIDER RANGE OF ADJUSTABILITY, BETTER RIDE HEIGTH CONTROL AND MUCH SMOOTHER … Shock Revalve– $160. We specialize in the suspension of Enduro, trail and adventure bikes. ) and shipping. WP develops high-performance motorcycle suspension and components. A 10% discount for 4 or more shocks in any one shipment! CALL or send us your shocks and see the difference! this includes a service and revalve of all 3 rebuildable showa shocks, dual rate front springs and a softer or more appropriate rear spring. LDR Suspension is a suspension company based on years of motocross racing, car racing, suspension theory and development and 25 years of engineering. White Power progressive forksprings, 10 wt oil, now with new seals and bushings. The best way to describe this suspension mod is that it gave the bike a stable yet plush feel without extra suspension movement and with better than stock bottoming resistance. This KYB Motocross Suspension section is currently under construction. The cost is as high as $20,000 and up just for the fork. Both bikes use the 47mm Showa inverted cartridge fork, which, most suspension tuners will tell you, is very possibly the best set of … EBR Suspension Services. Art of War has access to the ultimate suspension for your bike: Factory A-Kit Suspension from Showa, KYB and Ohlins. The front forks are Showa 45mm USD type with a reported 8” of travel. About K-Tech. Adjusting Your Suspension Clickers. - Fork revalve and setup Checkpoint Off-road was founded by Matt Stavish. For over twenty years K-Tech have built on their incredible success in global road racing and motocross championships, constantly evolving and providing championship winning products. Lainer Suspension Racing trusts in the importance of a custom revalve. Up front, the new Showa forks were poorly set up, harsh, and impervious to easy fixes. 5wt) Prices start from $2000-$2800 or more depending on RG3 Suspension's Revalve and Game Contests The best goon riding video will receive a free RG3 Revalve. — Deltabox® Frame Deltabox® and with track-engine and track. 4 kg/mm, 1. Search for or youtube 'Suspension Sag'. We will collect all of your information and explain the benefits, details and pricing of your suspension service, as well as determine which FC facility will be serving you. That is why we use only the best quality special parts and products, whether it’s just a regular service, a complete revalve or any other suspension modification imaginable. N2dirt it's probably the best moto shop I've been too, brainthe owner is very Technical Touch USA stocks Genuine KYB Suspension parts for Motocross, Street, Snow and ATV. 40 value for Showa/KYB or a $519. Fork Rebuild- includes disassembly, complete cleaning, de burring This is the best Air to Spring Conversion available, The fit and finish of these components is something you would expect to see in a factory bike. maximumsled 83. After speaking with you and determining what you are looking for as far as bike personalization, we will change valving, springs and other components as necessary to give you the ride you are looking for. by Sund55. Full service suspension shop for Snowmobile, ATV, Bike, and UTV suspension components. 1312-0892:standard $114. Fork Service(WP/KYB/Showa) A complete fork service is necessary when your forks are leaking or … Offroad Motorcycle Suspension Enduro Spec. *Shock Wear Parts Masured and Replaced with OEM Parts (Oil Seal-Dust Seal-Bushing-Orings) *Works Showa Shock Fluid (2. We convert your standard inverse bending pistons or big port Showa pistons using the Showa four port pistons. The 49mm Showa fork is spectacular in design and performance but can alway be made better by tailoring to you and your riding style. CBR1000/600 etc. STEERING DAMPER Ohlins TTX Cartridge and Fork Spring kits FCX 201-20, FCX 301-20 FGKT1994, FGKT2094 . These kits come pre-assembled – eliminating the complicated aspects fork revalving and providing confidence your forks will function correctly. Pricing . It is important to note – there is no set template or mold the word “revalve” fits into at our shop. You get a full Fork service, revalve and new fork springs for your weight. 00 USD KYB/Showa blue $39. Revalve: Includes a service, plus we will recalibrate your shim stacks to build a setting that is best suited to your riding style and ability. $150. Good suspension components are great if you know how to get them adjusted properly. ReValve Control (RC) is a groundbreaking new technology created by Kreft Moto suspension engineers. Fork Seals. Live. A full shock rebuild requires a complete strip down, all components are carefully cleaned and inspected for wear. 99 View. The motorcycle gets a 300mm disc brake towards the front and 230mm disc brake towards the rear. Includes complete disassembly of inner cartridges and outer fork tubes, cleaning, inspection and reassembly with new fluids. 100% VAcuum building components is the way to go, very few do shocks, … We spend countless hours each season, testing with some of the best riders in the country to ensure that you get the best feel in your suspension. We offer suspension re-valve and rebuild services for a wide variety of off-road motorcycles. Motorcycle suspension. -Forks/Rear Shock - Street sag 30-35 mm, 1 3/16 - 1 3/8 inch. Ohlins Suspension Service. All that blah blah. 00 M-10/YAMAHA MONO SHOCK LINE REPLACEMENT $10. We offer only the best quality Motorcycle Suspension Products from Penske, JRi, Ohlins and K-Tech. Steve Mathewson's Suspension systems, leading the pack in Motocross suspension systems for 17 years and counting. Full service suspension shop for snowmobile, atv, and motorcycle suspension components. 0 kg/mm, 1. Our products and service include … BMW S1000RR 2010 - 2016 Renthal Sprocket Standard Wheel 477 520 Yet knowing how your suspension works and what effect the various adjustments have will help you get the best out of your riding. 3k · Shock Shaft Nut Cover (KYB/SHOWA/WP) Why Revalve. Remove the bike from the stand, lock the front brake and compress the suspension 4 times to center the axle in the fork lugs. g. By using these pistons you can achieve a better hi-speed feel due to the port size being better suited to the faster roadbike/ride-day applications and SDI is proud to offer its suspension services for the UTV Market. 1. IMO opinion lose the Showa, and replace it w/ the best alternative your finances allow. For some, only the best will do. Front Shocks are modified for up to 2″ more wheel travel, and new multi-stage valving circuits to fit … Rebuilding and Servicing. As the riding season rapidly approaches, most riders are looking to get their … Convert your WP AER48 or Showa TAC forks to a single sided spring kit with air assist. Available in 1. This is a newly designed Shock Gold Valve Kit for the 46mm KYB and 50mm KYB, Showa and WP shocks which provide better control for the rider. The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented challenges - but it is also proving to be an opportunity for US workers and businesses to play a critical role in providing the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to protect our brave frontline … Just had my 1299 for Eddie to sort the suspension. Doetsch Suspension Services offers complete Rebuild and Revalve Services. On sport bikes, many of the damping systems use common oil that gets contaminated and largely negatively affects the damping and shim stacks. Scott Pentleton View All Testimonials; 5***** Just had my suspension set up for the road Keeping our in-house services at top level has always been OneClick’s main goal when it comes to suspension and the customer. WP forks and shocks are very high quality and deliver fantastic performance when properly tuned for the rider and application. For the serious racer, our Pro Series revalve includes all services in our enhanced suspension revalve, as well as optional Factory performance parts from KYB, Showa, WP and Factory Connection, to improve initial plushness, bottoming resistance and sensitivity. For this reason, our Custom Suspension Revalve is designed to personalize the handling of your motorcycle to help you feel more confident and comfortable every time you ride. Please fill out this form in its entirety. the tires stick to the road / trail and are KLX110 Suspension Sort by. At TW Suspension Tech we take pride in providing you with high performance suspension products and services tailored to suit your personal requirments, your bike, its application and your budget. Our Revalve Service specializes in tailoring your UTV or Motorcycle to your personal requirements and skill level. Showa Suspension Service. 000: Data diperbaharui pada 3/12/2020. Suspension Sponsorship. 99 postage. Why Use F. 95 View. Download Ebook Showa Fork Service Manual Nov 12, 2021 · Showa SFF-BP Fork with KECS Compression and KECS Rebound Damping, plus Manual Spring Preload Adjustability. Using our own in-house designed and developed valving systems, all applications are backed with detailed setup calculations to insure the correct spring and, most importantly, the damping performance is correct for your needs. When you get good enough to do the 80ft triples revalve back to normal japanese settings. A bad suspension set up can turn your bike into an uncompromising and unpleasant machine, whereas getting it right can improve your riding dramatically and progress your skills to the next level. Best suspension revalve shop(s) By jcross312, January 4, 2015 in Motorcycle Suspension. I have read a few reviews from those who have revalved their stock YFZ shocks and have gotten mixed results. Expertly Installed by Factory trained technicians. Best KTM and BETA Suspension. 1585-M De Coulomb Boucherville, Quebec Canada J4B 8J7. *Service fork and/or shock at the same time as revalve for only an additional $50*. Our suspension is now improving the ride and performance of motorcycles of all types: adventure motorcycles, off-road, hypersport, track bikes and more. The forks are cartridge type with adjustable compression and rebound damping. Whether you need your snowmobile shocks freshened up, or your suspension completely re-valved and rebuilt on Im looking for a used set of Showa A kit suspension for a Kawasaki 250/450f 2006-2010. R1 and R6 Preload Adjuster Showa Fork Rebuild Procedures / Steps Required Parts: Fork Fluid - We used 5 weight from Maxima Pivot Works Fork Seal Kit - or you can purchase just new seals and bushings if required. Technical Touch takes care of the development of the offroad MX suspension together with KYB Japan, giving you a high end product that performs! Our Performance Revalve tailor fits the front and rear of your suspension to you and your riding style. Tune crossover gaps, shim thickness, stack taper and clamp to match specific damping profiles or a clicker setting. 0% hygear-suspension has 100% Positive Feedback Rebuild, Revalve, Travel Modification, Spring Kits, Performance Products David Pingree Goes Suspension Testing. We maintain a large inventory of parts for quick turn-around. The general concensus seems to be that it costs about $300 to revalve the shocks (fronts), so it would be more worth the money to just sell the YFZ shocks on Ebay (the going rate is around $200) and take the $300 for revalving and come up with the … Sup guys. -Forks/Rear Shock - Race sag 25-30 mm, 1 - 1 3/16 inch. That will make the bike much nicer over the rocks and roots. The 2018 Kawasaki KX450F has a lot of potential to be a great machine, but the Showa SFF-Air TAC fork holds this machine back some. With fifteen years of experience with riders at the track, we can easily understand how to intervene on the suspension at a first look. Shock valving and springs are good for a weight range, and if you're not in it, then respring and/or revalve. Our motorcycle shock rebuild services are priced between $105. Rear shock absorbers in your Honda XR600R are mandatory for keeping you and your bike safe. Upper Fork Guards. About Yamaha Kyb Suspension . Start Now. Shortened suspension. Nested Shock Collars. Fully-adjustable WP Suspension APEX 5548 fork. I know factory connection does suspension work for WP, and would most likely be very smart about a desert setup. At LaBaron's, our technicians are well versed in the repair, rebuilding, and modification of today's high-performance suspension components. About Us. E. Updates. We service all rebuildable shocks: - Showa - KYB - WP - Öhlins - Penske - Soqi/Yamaha - Works Performance - Sachs - And more! DRZ400E S and SM Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1. Suspension set up is the best money you’ll ever spend on your bike. Extensive track testing and research go into this service to give you the ultimate in ride performance. The IDS Front Fork Cartridges are a complete replacement system to install directly into original equipment front forks for high performance road, track day and racing use. 1495. 00* For Motocross, Offroad, Trial, Hillclimb, Supermoto, and Street applications Motoworx utilizes Race Tech G3-LD Gold Valves. Add to Cart. Best Regards - Mike Baldwin. The IDS Open Cartridge Damping System uses 20 or 25mm 'Big' Control Pistons - with a 14mm At Suspension Matters we use our motorcycle trade and Race Tech qualifications to professionally setup modern dirt bikes. Read More Buy Now. The stock XPLOR fork has a very narrow compression adjustment range, and low speed compression cannot be adjusted at all. 1312-0904:heavy-duty $114. If I somehow sent them one of my sled shocks and told them to make it better with just a re-valve I doubt they could do it because all of their experience is with dirt bikes. Based on your comments on our form, we suggest what would work best for the situation. ENZO RACING suspension services include rebuild/overhauls, repairs, re-valving, system upgrades, re-springing and conversions. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries an extensive selection of dirt bike suspension parts for practically every application. PS - I bought ALL of my shock and fork springs from WhiteBrothers, reciprocity ya'know! The new shock was plusher than 1992, but tended to blow through the stroke on big hits. If you need to replace a part and there’s an aftermarket solution, chances are you’ll find it here – and at a lower price than anywhere else 2015 Honda CRF450R ️ JBI Suspension Revalve with MXT Lucky Carbon Kit upgrade to replace the stock KYB PSF Gen 2 Airfork ️ JBI Suspension Shock Revalve with Works Adjuster upgrade which restores rebound clicker adjustment at the shock clevis which regulates rebound speed by controlling the shock shaft bypass volume. That’s why you simply can’t skimp on a dirt bike’s suspension maintenance. MXT CLP, with Platform, needle system, that creates plush, stable, and … DMr Performance Suspension can upgrade your motorcycle’s front forks to maximize both performance and ride quality. Most kayaba, WP, and some showa forks (example 2002 KX250, 2002 250SX, or some early/mid 90's CR's) have the rebound adjuster on the top of the forks, and the compression adjuster on the bottom. 2022 Ohlins TTx DV Flow DMx 0203, 0201 . Preferably off a Kawi but if its off a different brand and price is right I can have the lugs and clevis changed out, so I need help finding this. Rear shock compression and rebound revalve plus lighter spring and bladder conversion. Call 951. We disassemble, clean and lube all necessary parts. 00 USD. Spring is Sold Separately. 1) Above FGSU1794 RMZ450 Air GP Suspension 25mm cartridges for Showa forks I just got home after logging ~75 miles w/ GP Suspension 25mm carts installed, and I'm really happy with the result. Revalve according to rider application, riding style and weight. When it comes to CRF suspension, MX1 has you covered. 00 USD KTM 4CS blue $39. Part No. Each set of suspension is custom tuned to meet the riders individual needs. MINIWORX Co Billet Triple Clamp - Green or Black - KLX110. It will not fit except the fork but you have to use the 18 clamps with 19 steering and 18 front wheel with axle The 19 kx 450 Showa suspensions are the best on market I don’t know why you want to swap them 🤔 or Best Offer. We service all major brands of Forks (Street and Dirt): - Showa - KYB - WP - Öhlins - Marzocchi - Harley Davidson - BMW - Paioli - Ceriani - And more! SHOCKS . It is probably about 80% of its potential. Here at the shop, we strive to offer the best in not only suspension but customer service. 00 to $748. 2 kg/mm. Shock Service. Shock for Ducati 1098, 1198 w/Showa Forks Penske 8987 Remote … Service List. View Yamaha LC135 V1 LC4S LCV1 (5YP) steering stem fork t 100% original kyb. We can service, rebuild, lower and revalve your suspension. It's the best option before stepping up to AK-20, in particular on a track Few suspension "guru's" will ever fess up to this fact of physics. 0% hygear-suspension has 100% Positive Feedback Rebuild, Revalve, Travel Modification, Spring Kits, Performance Products The Basic Africa Twin Suspension details include the following: The Africa Twin ready to ride weight (3/4 tank) is approximately 540 lbs. Schmidty Racing Suspensions does a complete rebuild of your shock. Great winter project. and have considered lighter springs but right now it feels taught and firm like a "super" bike. Our Revalve Service specializes in tailoring your UTV or Motorcycle to your personal Suspension Services. In addition to creating custom suspension components, Cogent Dynamics provide service and rebuilding for a variety of brands including Ohlins, WP, Penske, JRI, KYB, Showa and others. When it comes to suspension for your motorcycle, Fork Revalve(WP/KYB/Showa) Depending on your bike, we will recommend the best way to lower your suspension to ensure that you maintain ride quality and don't sacrifice safety. Your suspension will receive only the best quality seals, springs, oils and replacement parts. 00 Fork, Labor $250. All up, $700AUD - about a day at a suspension tuner. But really, it's about a $180 per end for revalve, plus about a 100 in parts and oil. We have combined these two … Ive got a drz400s (same stock showa front suspension) and a 28ltr tank, im around 85 kgs, and with a full tank, it handles better than it did before with stock suspension on firetrails & open road, ive played with the clickers to get it right & dont forget to bleed the air out after each ride, bit of a handful when tank full on single track, but u just dont fill it right up if you dont need revalve and service non-rebuildable Dismantle and reassemble shock, check all components for wear or damage and replace and/or repair where necessary. We service Kayaba, Showa, Ohlins, Fox, Marzocchi, White Power and Penske suspension for any application. The best thing about spring forks is the low speed pick up and the only good thing about air forks is the bottoming resistance. This is one of those stories that the average Joe dreams about. FORK PRODUCTS. We have combined these two systems and used the best of both worlds. Factory connection makes a superior Fork seal that has a more pliable rubber and seals a little better. Most kayaba, WP, and showa shocks have their compression adjuster(s) at the top of the shock, and the compression/rebound adjuster on the bottom of the Stock WP suspension settings are typically lacking in plushness, traction and overall control. Suspension is also set up for how and where you ride. Also, the stock Showa shock spring loses free length quickly, and the bike perpetually hangs low in the rear. Smart Valves, etc. Services. Our suspension services range from basic component rebuilds to factory style fork and shock setup. Upgraded Fork & Upgraded Standard Shock. Upcoming closures: November 24-29 Thanksgiving December 18-27 Christmas Turn Around Time as of September 17th: 5 Business Days Suspension maintenance is often overlooked and riders should be educated on the importance of it. Forum Main Tech Help/Race Shop best revalve company. £600. World wide, the prestigious championships include the FIM Youth World Championship, AMA National Championship, Mini-Olympics, Ponca City, World Mini GP. $479. REVALVE. By Scot Gustafson. This goes for the big bikes, as well as the minis. I'd like to hear lots info from people who have had their showa forks re-valved. Showa-MB1-Factory Connection Crf WhitePower-MX Tech-TrailTricks Ktm And we revalve it exactly to suit your riding and your weight. Whether you race competitvely, or simply High Quality Motorcycle Suspension products for your Ducati 916/996/998/748. Custom sizes available upon request. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Home SERVICE FORM BRANDS SHOP FAQ CONTACT HOURS: Tuesday-Friday 830-3 By Appointment outside of that. We strive to give you the best, personalized service available. 00 (parts and fluid not included)Shock - $180. Products. 6655. Whether you ride supercross, arenacross, motocross, supermoto, desert, GNCC, trail, enduro or hare scrambles, you are not getting the most performance out of your suspension unless it is set-up for the type of riding you do. ** Additional fees may apply if we have to clean and repackage. 00 and $450. Special Travel limiting spacers are installed in your forks and shock, complete revalve service is performed, springs are shortened, and then reassembled with fresh oil. We also use a factory WP suspension pump to vacuum out all air left after a shock has been taken apart. Add to Wish List. SEE SERVICES. How much does a suspension Revalve cost? Revalve – $250. Engine Type * 2 Stroke 4 Stroke. M torque spec) leaving the axle pinch bolts loose. RG3's products such as our triple clamps, linkages and Diamond Kit™ along with our customized suspension services - revalves and rebuilds, allow riders to go fast through terrain that otherwise would slow them down. Dune Suspension Package: Includes Dual Rate or Triple Rate Front Springs (Depends on A-Arm Setup) Single Rate Rear Spring; New DeRisi Racing linkage with bearings and seals. Our goal is to provide everyone the ability to have the best suspension available today. We also do select ATV, street bike and snowmobile services. 00 or so depending on rider weight and conditions. Kit Includes Hard parts and 3 setting options so you can best decide the base valving setting most suited to your speed and skill level. We work on KYB, SHOWA and WP components and whenever possible we use genuine parts on each make. Trained in the demands of racing at the highest level, Art of War knows how to build suspension setups based on the needs of the individual. 00 (parts and fluid not included) A Total Control Revalve is a custom setup built specifically for you and the type of riding/racing you will be doing. Our services range from … After taking the Showa BFRC shock apart and reviewing the design first hand the … MXT 2017 New Products. £6. Even the base model w/ be a noticeable upgrade. 45 (USD) K-Tech Suspension 20SSRK Fork Piston Kit - #20SSRK-SHO-5 GSXR 600 750 04-05/Race Track Use RG3 Suspension, based out of Southern California prides itself on its motorcycle and ATV suspension service as well as our products. Kawasaki KX450F 2015-2018 Here is the process we use at Konflict Motorsports and Suspension. In stock trim the fork can be somewhat difficult to set up and get a comfortable setting. NORMAL TURNAROUND AND SERVICE WILL RESUME IN OCTOBER 1, 2021. Recommended Posts. Low friction suspension coatings are also available to be High quality Japan SK4shock absorber tuning shims For use in all high performance forks and shocksTHE BEST PRICE and,THE LARGEST RANGE OF SIZES IN NORTH AMERICA combinedMANUFACTURER DIRECTCUSTOM MADE TO ORDERSHIPPED WORLD WIDEVery AffordableApprox 1/2 the normal retail pricePlus 10% off over 2000 total mixed shimsLow 50 … Doing a revalve without running the proper spring rate won't do much for you handling. Suspension is a commonly over-looked part of any dirt bike, side by side, snowmobile, or ATV. 9 inches of travel. Bones has become a world leader in the development and application of many works style parts for production suspension on Showa, KYB and WP. 50 Rear wheel: 17 x 5. Add to Basket. The high-speed compression is stiff, but it's far better than the stock fork in that the big bumps don't seem to disrupt the stability of the bike, and they don't seem as harsh. In whichever way we can best enhance your equipment, we have Suspension service at the highest level. At shop, our crew use only special tools, the best service and performance parts, plus add 10+ years of experience and a deep database from countless hours of testing – it’s all strive to a goal to provide the customer a quality level of service, the best 59 followers hygear-suspension (815 hygear-suspension's feedback score is 815) 100. Page Menu. 40 value for Convert your WP AER48 or Showa TAC forks to a single sided spring kit with air assist. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for KYB VS255S Suspension YAMAHA AXIS90 at the best online prices at eBay!. mx is an authorized KTM, Husqvarna, Beta, Sherco and GasGas dealer specializing in online sales of all off … 2012 Sherco Trials / Dirt Bike - $4,000 (Des Plaines) 2012 Sherco ST 290cc Trials Bike, 2-stroke For those who are verticaly challenged, Dicks Racing has the answer. If you're dropping off your suspension, we'll collect any further information we need form you at that time. ? The Process. Higher-quality components, better materials, closer tolerances and larger components combine to make Factory A-Kit Suspension the choice of the best teams around the world. Likewise, our motor and chassis department is focussed on working with you to get the performance and reliability demanded by your specific riding style. With its focus on INNOVATION and PERFORMANCE, WP gives riders a dynamic edge to take their riding to their highest personal level of performance. Rebuild. PMA 40/46 shock conversion Modern dirtbikes have many compromises to shock design. Racing Bros. Not everyone needs every upgrade, or just needs valving, or even just springs. K-Tech Suspension 20SSRK Fork Piston Kit - #20SSRK-SHO-3 Showa Forks: RC-51 00-06 / 748 916 996 998 Superbike 95-03/Race Track Use $405. Much more effective then the stock triple adjuster … 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450. suspension out of the box does it's job very well but is best suited to a very specific type of rider. The cream of the crop, this is the best that money can buy. £350. Slide axle through forks, and tighten the nut (O. First off measure Showa suspension Motorcycle Products SHOWA CORPORATIO Rebuild and custom revalve of the stock shock absorbers Showa, Ducati ST2 ST4 OEM Showa rear shock absorber with remote Adjuster + clamp. com If you want the best performance for your front forks, look no further than DMr Performance Suspension’s BD20 Series Fork Cartridge Kits. Material is Sandvik 20c except were noted, 1095 blue temper and Cres 420 series * … Experience the best suspension you have ever ridden and expand your “control envelope” to the next level. 00 SHOCK BODY REPLACEMENT $10. Direct phone: 450-655-4855. Sund55. Jack Peacey Gas Gas 125 mc in for suspension work revalved the Forks compression and rebound. This is the 3rd bike Eddie has worked on for me (road & track) and he really does transform the Bikes when they are set for up for you. will help you dial in your suspension for faster and safer riding both on and off the track. It is semi active so it’s reactive in ELKA SUSPENSION INC. The rebuild includes full disassembly of the suspension components, cleaning, inspecting all parts for wear, and shims for fatigue. We have essentially fully redesigned the suspension for the Husqvarna 701 Enduro from the ground up - stretching the font travel to 300mm and increasing overall fluid volume, then replace the internal cartridge with a Dal Soggio Sphere unit, a comprehensive KM3 level Revalve, with Kashima coating on the upper tubes and DLC treatment on the fork lowers all coming with a … Once you give us a call— (951) 697-8488—we'll get your Suspension Service scheduled and give you and estimated completion date. Forks and shocks have seals, bushings, and other components that rely on oil lubrica Founded in 1984 by Joe Skidd, Superior Suspension Settings (SSS) has over 30 years of experience working with some of the world's best motocross and road racers. This product fits these Showa models SKU# 00-070S. $10 LABOR TO REMOVE EXCESSIVE DIRT/DEBRIS. Without luggage or accessories. C. The last thing you want is instability in the suspension. We’re passionate about doing quality suspension work that makes a real difference to how your suspension absorbs and responds to the rigorous demands of motocross, enduro or trail riding. best showa suspension revalve